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Jury Considerations 

The Seattle AIA community has identified the following considerations to inform the selection of recognized projects (in addition to the jury's own criteria): 

  • Inspiration: How does the project manifest its stated concept in form and function? Inspirational projects have a clear and well-resolved stance towards intended use, context, material, craft, and form, and are innovative in thought and practice. 

  • Problem-solving: How does the project creatively address challenges inherent in its site, budget, program, materials, collaboration, and context? Strong submissions clearly articulate the organizing principles and creative solutions influencing the design. 

  • Environmental Sensitivity: How does the project exhibit intent to minimize negative environmental impacts and enhance a relationship to the natural environment? Consider including metrics, narratives, diagrams/sketches, or other clear evidence of modeled and actual performance, if applicable. 

  • Social Impact: Considering equity and social impacts, how does the project improve or enhance the community in which it is situated? Socially-minded submissions tend to clearly articulate the project’s response and contribution to the neighborhood, city, and/or broader social context.

All submissions should demonstrate clarity of idea, process, and execution through a combination of text, diagrams, drawings, photographs, and other illustrative materials. See the Submittal Requirements section for a full list of requirements. Refer to past galleries for examples of submissions. Awards are the final determination of the jury. 

For the Energy in Design Award, the jury will take into account the reduction in energy usage derived by the project’s design, in addition to the jury considerations noted above. The award will be selected at the jury's discretion. For more information on the Energy in Design Award and the Energy Calculator, see the Energy in Design Award section of the Submittal Requirements.