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AIA Seattle’s Honor Awards for Washington Architecture is a nationally-recognized program that explores and honors projects designed by architects throughout the state of Washington. This annual program provides an important opportunity for the design community to share and celebrate its achievements both among practitioners and with the community at-large.

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To download or view the 2017 Honor Awards Submittal Guidelines PDF, click here. ‚Äč

A Message From Our Co-Chairs

Design matters now more than ever. Once again, Seattle is recognized as one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. Significant infrastructure projects, such as the viaduct replacement, the seawall reconstruction, expanding light rail and street car networks, and improvements to our ferry terminals are changing the way we move about the region. Public education funding aims to keep up with changing demographics. Neighborhoods are experiencing an unprecedented increase in density. Zoning changes and development incentives attempt to maintain affordable housing and keep our city livable for all. There has rarely been a time when architecture and design has mattered as much as it does today.

The AIA Seattle Honor Awards are the ideal platform to recognize the diverse perspectives, scales, and typologies that encompass the practice of architecture in our region, recognizing discerning beauty, ingenious solution, and social and environmental impact. Our community has a well-established legacy of integrated design, environmental stewardship, and a deep commitment to design excellence, fueling a thriving design dialogue that has a far-reaching influence at the national and international level. Let’s celebrate your voice and your values, demonstrated by the best of our collective work, by offering recognition for the inspirational, the intelligent and the evocative.

As we strive to strengthen our collective commitment to building performance within the context of a changing climate, resource scarcity, and design excellence, AIA Seattle is pleased to once again offer an Energy in Design Award, commending projects that have made quantifiably significant strides in energy reduction while also maintaining the highest qualitative design caliber.

The 2017 AIA Seattle Honor Awards offers submittal guidelines and judging criteria that recognize both our profession’s changing conditions and our legacy of design leadership. If you’ve never submitted before, now is the time. If you’ve submitted a project in the past that you think should have won, submit it again. This is a new year and a different jury.

Your viewpoint is more important than the photograph. Show us your thinking.
Show us what is behind the marketing image; reveal the relationships and ideas that inform your design. What is its genesis? Who does it serve? How does the concept relate to real space? How did factors like site, culture, and material inform the project?

Your successes can be measured. Demonstrate energy savings.
Share with us your project’s energy use and its energy savings story. What creates the balance between efficiency and design? Where are unexpected savings and opportunities?                                                                  

Your voice is essential to the conversation. Join us!

JoAnn Wilcox, AIA & Tim Richey, AIA | Chairs, 2017 AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington Architecture